Laser Solutions

Silver Fox offer a wide variety of laser solutions

Silver Fox’s Laser range of labels are driven by the same software as the thermal range. Labacus Innovator is ideal for printing laser labels. All you need is an ordinary office laser printer. Laser labels are supplied on A4 sheets, and generally suited for internal use.

Legend™ Tie-on Labels

Legend™ 2-Part Labels

  Polyester labels are supplied in pre-perforated A4 sheets
For internal use
Change ident without cutting wire
Ident is protected in tubing

Prolab® Wrap Around Labels

Prolab® Optical Fibre Flag Labels

Label self laminates – protecting the ident
Special option of ‘deep’ print area, to reproduce ident all around the cable
Ideal for labelling Optical Fibres
Popular within the Data and Telecoms industry

P/TAG General Labels

Available is a wide range of sizes and colours
Ideal for equipment labelling
Contact us  for more information about these products. We can help find the right solution for your job.